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  • Eli Martin answered music’s call later that most. Those of us fortunate to be witnesses to his development have heard him find his voice through two records and innumerable local performances. Eli’s “Marinol Nation” is a cadre of musicians of skill who have supported him while he honed his own. What undoubtedly draws seasoned performers to the Marinol Nation stage is a quality that is meted out in large doses on the first record’s very first cut: cleverly turned phrases dripping with acerbic wit. Dark humor personified.

    “Field of Dreams” will be my third record with Martin. His voice is strong; I could tell in preproduction that he had substantially strengthened it over the last two years of promotion for “Suburbia and Minivans.” Eli was keen on experimenting with his guitar sound and after some tests we hit on something special. There are several examples of artists using acoustic guitars to play through fuzzed-out electric guitar amps, immediately I think of The Breeders, Nirvana and Cake. The strange marriage of his Carter acoustic guitars and Home Wrecker electric guitar amps suit his jagged percussive strumming perfectly. These instruments also happen to be locally hand crafted. The conduit between these two flavors is an old acoustic pick-up I bought for sixty dollars in the 90’s. What’s wonderful about the Sarnia Downtown is that boutique and junk shop are retail concepts that stand side by side without irony or prejudice. Let the music celebrate the locale.

    Unlike Marinol Nation’s previous releases, I gently pushed aside the idea of bringing anyone in to play on this record until we had optimized our core. B Frase and Brian Cox play bass and drums respectively in addition to Martin’s voice and guitar. Brian played a lot of the drums on ”Lipstick on a Pig” and B has been playing lead guitar at shows with Martin for quite a while. This trio is bringing something fresh to the table; we’re hearing the songs with a striking basic structure before any invitations get sent out to Marinol Nation’s talented extended family.

    I’m happy with the situation. I feel like I’m mixing and tracking better than ever, Martin’s got his usual big bag of interesting song stories and we have a lot of mutual musical friends we can bring in to finish the project. What excites me most on this third record is that we’re truly building it around Martin’s sound, one that’s been honed over years of hard work.

    Later in life Eli Martin answered music’s siren song and now he can’t stop. Youth culture can be so boring and Eli makes the case that experience counts with his strength and cutting poetry. He’s lived more than most people I’ve met and as a consequence actually has something to say. What a rare thing.

It’s no secret that the halls of power connect the spheres of big finance and government. So much has been written about the central figures, scandals and aftermath of the post 2008 economic meltdown, but imagine what would happen if one of the 1% were forced to live penniless in every-town America. dnamusicstudio and Bravo Fotografia are set to release a new video that explores that question for “After The Occupation,” the musical brainchild of DNA Music co-owner David Miner.

Photographing local bands is always fun!  This local Sarnia band is Iron Shirt. Very fun to work with, and they have some great music!  Make sure to check it out here:


Jake Schiemz and the folks at The Front Door welcomed me and my songs and artwork into their establishment and I had a great time last night sharing it with friends. Jake’s philosophy is what I love about downtown, he sources everything can as local as he can. The friends who came out to dine loved the food, I was singing so I missed out. My artwork is always a fun break from music, I get to exercise a lot more recklessness than I would with record making. When making records I love to experiment and often do, but the engineering side is a lot like doing realism in art. I have to record instruments so they sound as natural as they possibly can. Then I can mess around later if I want. With my painting, I don’t worry about technique, composition or anything of the kind. I envy local painters who obviously put more effort in their work (and it shows). Despite always being into visual art and taking any course I could in school involving it, I never really had the acumen for it. Last night was everything I love about downtown: friends, art and music. Thank you to everyone who stopped in. I’d love to play there again for you.

Sometimes photography accidents can look pretty neat. 

My new Lensbaby Spark! Time to have some photography/video fun!!

Ghosts by Adam Miner is the 3rd video collaboration between Bravo Fotografia and dnamusicstudio. This video was recorded and shot in Janurary 2014.    We have a few videos in the works for spring/summer time. Make sure you visit and for more info, photos, and updates! 

This is the second video instalment of Bravo Fotografia and dnamusicstudio's video collaboration.  Pick the Side You're On by Adam Miner was recorded and filmed back in October of 2013.  Please visit and for more videos, photos, and projects!!  

Bravo Fotografia has been expanding to video. I’ve been working on a series of videos with Adam Miner from dnamusicstudio. This is the first video we worked on together, shot back in September for 2013.